Friday, June 24, 2011

Crazy Fat Loss Tips That Actually Work Part 2

There are about 50 billion research studies out there that prove the benefits of caffeine in regards to fat loss/mobilization. A big problem that arises from the research is the amount of caffeine that is being studied. Somewhere in the upwards of 1,000mg for some of them. To put that in perspective, that is equivalent to about 14 cups of strong coffee. So, how do you get the most out of the positive effects of caffeine without having pitch black teeth and a permanent case of the jitters? The answer is grapefruit juice.

There is an enzyme in grapefruit juice that has some very interesting side effects when paired with certain pharmaceuticals and supplements. Bergamottin (kinda sounds like a snooty British guy, doesn't it?) has been shown to help extend the half-life of some drugs and also increase that amount that is absorbed into your system. There is a butt-load of science behind this that I won't get into but the gist of it is:

Bergamottin can DOUBLE the half-life of caffeine. Caffeine ingestion has been shown to increase fat mobilization for up to 6 hours in some cases... that means bergamottin can extend that to 12 hours.

So, how do you make this work for you? Just chug 8-12 ounces (or more) of grapefruit juice before you have your morning/afternoon/pre-midnight S&M party cup of coffee.

Obviously, this is not the secret x-factor to losing fat. You still need to exercise and you still to eat non-crappy foods. This will, however, augment the benefits of not living like a lazy non-human.

Good luck... and grapefruit juice is tasty!

Sprint. Kill. Or Just Eat A Grapefruit.

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